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  • Regina Tape
    Regina Tape

    It looks like a bear and hamster 🐹

  • raj bhathal
    raj bhathal

    What if somone try to jump into the hoover dam

  • Ash Devil
    Ash Devil

    911: sorry kAren for nothing


    8:30 James is a boy doe

  • Shaurya Jalan
    Shaurya Jalan


  • Williametta Konneh
    Williametta Konneh

    Yes I cried the lil guy stuck his head like *me me take me * and then she said no poodle

  • Sydney Shiela Ruth
    Sydney Shiela Ruth

    I am the youngest but my 2 older brothers are so spoiled its like I am the middle child

  • Lalitha Abazeed
    Lalitha Abazeed

    I just wanted to tell you that this is my new star pic

  • 「 Pruzz 」
    「 Pruzz 」

    Bruh i use my hand to clean my booty and im fine with it

  • Antonius Behnam
    Antonius Behnam

    5 minutes a go that iPad is not for u it’s for Travis (10minutes later I’ll get you that iPad 😱

  • Lyanne Nemesis Bragais
    Lyanne Nemesis Bragais

    the turtle look like the one that gumball have 🤣😂😅

  • Shendo Canares
    Shendo Canares

    Da heck the first one was slender man

  • Spid3y Recreations
    Spid3y Recreations

    I love these vids :)

  • GachaBlox 123
    GachaBlox 123

    I would move out

  • XxjadeisagodxX

    Please lia's such a big sister I love her

  • Butterfly

    0:36 she's not family friendly anymore

  • Zunaira Mustafa
    Zunaira Mustafa

    Don't press read more!!!!!!!!! I said not to but whatever Keep going I hope you have a nice day!

  • Purple Flower
    Purple Flower

    When she said “ Rapunzel Rapunzel let down that taffy,I want to yell NO ITS MINE

  • Neymar JR,π Ali
    Neymar JR,π Ali

    I win and I did

  • Beyond bad Gamer
    Beyond bad Gamer


  • Beyond bad Gamer
    Beyond bad Gamer

    Can I see you sizer please

  • bijayanabami


  • Ishan

    Mango stealer lol

  • Rishima Khanal
    Rishima Khanal

    I want your house . 😒can you give me 😕I am jealous

  • xXPusheen. FanXx
    xXPusheen. FanXx

    F for the idiot

  • Adv.Srinivasarao Nammi
    Adv.Srinivasarao Nammi

    whaa u cursed like omg

  • Postman Pat
    Postman Pat

    5:46 I live near there and there’s like 5 weirdly positioned trees all over the place.

  • Kelly Berogna
    Kelly Berogna

    My iPad die ing

  • Caelee Belcastro
    Caelee Belcastro

    I like it when every single person is called billy

  • Dan Louie Sulit
    Dan Louie Sulit


  • Breannah Brassington
    Breannah Brassington

    Omg she's like what! She look so different

  • Lola Armes
    Lola Armes


  • Sandra Holloway YT
    Sandra Holloway YT

    3:53 raccoons like human TI- never mjnd

  • Shoujo_nai *
    Shoujo_nai *

    Imma sleep with my parents tonight man 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jessica Jaszy
    Jessica Jaszy

    15:52 Sniperwolf: WOWWWW Me realizing its better then the life hack: HHOW

  • Gwexit

    I watch your videos on mute. Ty for the content tho

  • Sajan

    wtf what is this her finger in 3:31 lol

  • stdoher

    Am I the only one who noticed that SSSniperWolf had something on her teeth

  • DS M
    DS M


  • Reese Simpson
    Reese Simpson

    yeah I cut my bany's and I like them had them for a couple of year's

  • gracie lee
    gracie lee

    Who else finds Crunchy things so satisfying?

  • ꧁ ℂ𝕙𝕦𝕓𝕓𝕪 ℂ𝕙𝕦 ꧂
    ꧁ ℂ𝕙𝕦𝕓𝕓𝕪 ℂ𝕙𝕦 ꧂


  • rasengan chidori
    rasengan chidori

    re:zero fans for one of the ;-;

  • Sarah Hammond
    Sarah Hammond

    What does PSP mean????????

  • resti sidabutar
    resti sidabutar

    Chicken nuggert & rice a that even singale day

  • Danielle Backous
    Danielle Backous

    this feels weird watching this not seeing anyone with masks


    That girl who put her mom looks lije my litreature teacher

  • chetana raj
    chetana raj

    Look cute 💕

  • Bootiful Meh
    Bootiful Meh

    Libby is my name but with only one b

  • Star_@mazedQueen^°^
    [email protected]^°^

    Welp I guess 594k people thinks she's crazy then it is what it is🙂

  • Panda Lee Paint'z
    Panda Lee Paint'z

    u said wow when u catch da ball .

  • Hkaw bawm Galau
    Hkaw bawm Galau

    I didn't even realize that there was a Tarantula in her hair

  • Scorenora

    I as born in 2012 am 9

  • 1s

    I allowed to eat but I need to off my camera

  • Jack Wetter
    Jack Wetter

    The woman from the second clip said ‘ your plants are over grown’ I would have said you are over grown.


    It all started when trees met the sky and fell in love and had rain

  • nandiny Nair
    nandiny Nair

    It's funny how every guy is "my dude" For our gal😂😂😂

  • salty breaker
    salty breaker

    Can you please give me a shout out


    the first video happens to me

  • Galaxyplayz

    the only thing I was scared of was the thing in the ice cream store when all the light turned off

  • sweet eevee
    sweet eevee

    I'm the youngest

  • amina

    Omg this so sad😥😥😀🙄🙄



  • Lucie Green
    Lucie Green

    And thats why I like being the youngest and the only girl

  • sam 810 fgteev
    sam 810 fgteev


  • øø øø
    øø øø


  • jeguu topae
    jeguu topae

    The true paperback fittingly screw because titanium comparatively branch lest a petite map. aware, giddy lemonade

  • Rosie

    7:37 the rubiks cube is gone but before there were 3

  • Kylie Mueller
    Kylie Mueller

    I prefer hungry Jacks tan Macca’s

  • Emre A
    Emre A

    Bullshit get. OwwwwI just hurt myself by this stupid zip okay and I’m not about to make a video of puppets

  • Abigail M Sindhunata
    Abigail M Sindhunata

    Almost all my friend don't have a dad :')

  • Nathan Dimka
    Nathan Dimka

    What did you do with your hair

  • Rae Pacquette Dorsett
    Rae Pacquette Dorsett

    I've had one of those wobbly eggs *so weird*

  • Nayla Zdravkova
    Nayla Zdravkova

    Sniper wolf where is tuna's grave?

  • Jiya Prakash
    Jiya Prakash

    My mum is too afraid to even drive 😂

  • Helen McGrath
    Helen McGrath

    It's the water for mehhhh

  • MarcZyruz de Borja
    MarcZyruz de Borja

    that 3am challenge is jamills youtube chanel

  • Void Bennett
    Void Bennett

    Im in the quiet zone.. and he ain’t wrong wait he said they get good grades ok he lied

  • Ķäţžüňï Žä
    Ķäţžüňï Žä

    Same my nuckles are also thick

  • Hkaw bawm Galau
    Hkaw bawm Galau

    I laughed as hell in the first one already lol