Genius Inventions And Gadgets You've Never Seen Before
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  • Cara Cornish
    Cara Cornish

    At first I saw the channel LIA I was like why is there a picture of sniper wolf turn it on and it was sniper wolf second channel

  • PandaUzi

    I've already seen the piano one before

  • Beethechamp

    5:02 sus

  • alexisjean isla
    alexisjean isla

    4:30 w-w-w-wait a FREAKIN' MINUTE is that the movie MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO

  • Mac Speedlabs
    Mac Speedlabs

    The roll-out piano just got me

  • Emre A
    Emre A

    Bullshit get. OwwwwI just hurt myself by this stupid zip okay and I’m not about to make a video of puppets

  • Silas Dawson
    Silas Dawson

    SSSniperwolf: I prerfer mine large me:......

  • Ben Misovich
    Ben Misovich

    The damp art suddenly escape because juice coincidingly like with a dear seed. real, petite tax

  • Noel Arnone
    Noel Arnone

    The waiting oval fittingly bubble because deborah geometrically complain pro a guarded screen. tasty, well-groomed home

  • ade luv allea :D
    ade luv allea :D

    I also have a scooter luggage

  • ROD Filoteo
    ROD Filoteo

    Sniper poop

    • ROD Filoteo
      ROD Filoteo


    • ROD Filoteo
      ROD Filoteo

      Yeh you poop

    • ROD Filoteo
      ROD Filoteo


    • ROD Filoteo
      ROD Filoteo

      You rae a poop

    • ROD Filoteo
      ROD Filoteo


  • Diavante Sands
    Diavante Sands

    oh by the way lia i have that roll up piano

  • Asha Ibrahim
    Asha Ibrahim

    It’s not android it’s Samsung

  • Sandra Morfin
    Sandra Morfin

    Eyes: oh mah god I want it nowwww Hand: oof Brain: good idea eye! Me: I love this

  • Kawaii Chan Fan
    Kawaii Chan Fan

    I have the roll out piano

  • Honest Honor
    Honest Honor

    I need rainy umbrella


    me : Wow this dude has some guyly reactions 😂😂

  • Amp squad Edits
    Amp squad Edits

    4:36 no sniperwolf its a jpeneese movie called My Niehgbor Totoro and i am the only person in my school tahat watches it or has even heard of it it is awesome and i highly recomend it

  • Ms goddess Todoroki
    Ms goddess Todoroki

    2:53 I have these hangars

    • Malachi

      i really want those but i can't find them 😔

    • Malachi

      damn that's really cool

  • DarwinGoldfishOvernight196

    I have seen that Android flip phone, it’s made by Samsung. It’s called the “Samsung Galaxy Z Flip”.

  • MrVinayboriboune

    “Blend cucumber “ me cucumbers don’t grow on trees

  • Nancy Diaz
    Nancy Diaz

    evyeting is poop lol sorry

  • ciara corteville
    ciara corteville

    Cucumbers don't grow on trees 0-0

  • k a t e d e a n
    k a t e d e a n

    "It's all fun and games until the karen complains" ~Lia 2021

  • Plutö

    1:04 Hopefully if someone were to buy this please listen! I got one of these, it’s okay but you can’t hold down on two keys at once but really that’s all except that maybe it’s a little too sensitive and it doesn’t sound very realistic and the sheet can bend and break very easily.


    3:47 Its all fun in games untill the bee learns to break the device

  • Leah Foster
    Leah Foster

    The worst place would be a cabneit

  • Catherine O
    Catherine O

    Not try a be a Karen

  • ApolloBowie YT
    ApolloBowie YT

    Love you soooooooooooooooooo much

  • Hope Wright
    Hope Wright

    “ I prefer mine large “ - sssniper wolf 2021 😂

  • Unbotheredshady

    That umbrella is also a water bott

  • mhr 10
    mhr 10

    so if you put water on a house of bricks, the house would dissolve to dirt?

  • Yasminplayz

    I have the galaxy a fold simpler to the other one (no flex)

  • Bryan y bryana Cindo
    Bryan y bryana Cindo

    They sell it all in china

  • Draco 1982uae
    Draco 1982uae

    I have that flip phone

    • Draco 1982uae
      Draco 1982uae

      It's called z flip

  • TheIconicPleb

    It’s all fun and game till you realize you can make a plant from a lolipop

  • Caroline Ship
    Caroline Ship

    i have the remote control car that u can control w/ ur hand

  • Charming nowhere to hide
    Charming nowhere to hide

    my brother uses on of those heated jackets for when he goes skiing lol

  • Mahaa Mohamed
    Mahaa Mohamed

    "You get best of both worlds "who else knows hannah montana

  • Crystel Platon
    Crystel Platon


  • Ira Sahai
    Ira Sahai

    U should make hairs like this every day it so cuteeee❤💗💕💞😘

  • พัฒน์นรี สิริวรไพศาล
    พัฒน์นรี สิริวรไพศาล

    It’s a samsung

    • Charming nowhere to hide
      Charming nowhere to hide


  • Closed

    are de one of you guys have fortnite i have it my name is willistony ok add me

  • Rize Ken
    Rize Ken

    I’m 6 years old how much are you......

  • Rize Ken
    Rize Ken

    Can you please make more vr videos

  • Rize Ken
    Rize Ken

    I’m prasoya😐

  • ☻𝙲 𝚕 𝚘 𝚞 𝚍 𝚢☻
    ☻𝙲 𝚕 𝚘 𝚞 𝚍 𝚢☻


  • Emma Johnson
    Emma Johnson

    You know the Barrier it could use it with a dog

  • Cupcake Roblox
    Cupcake Roblox

    a perfect tray holder for people who love eating while driving till you start speeding

  • Kakali Sarkar
    Kakali Sarkar

    Chelsea from barbie have this in her room, the 'TV'

  • Amirul Kirigaya
    Amirul Kirigaya

    What the..... WHO BRINGS PHONE IN TOILET😂 i mean..come on is your phone is that important🤣

  • Mr gaming
    Mr gaming

    We have the rolling piano

  • Gone_ pro
    Gone_ pro

    you are a genius invention yourself my lady....

  • It’s called Funny moments and entertainment
    It’s called Funny moments and entertainment

    Who keeps a whole jug of water in there closet.

  • Vinsanity

    i'ma just add a bunch of these to my wishlist

  • ᴛᴅᴅʏʙʀ


  • Julielol Fortnite
    Julielol Fortnite

    I neeeed the printer what the nameeee?

  • Mena Kuppusamy
    Mena Kuppusamy

    The part of the suitcase scooter is where it reminds of when I’m going to the airport in August

  • Roblox studio Guy
    Roblox studio Guy

    Sssniper wolf: it’s all fun and games until the Karen complains. Me:LOL

  • Bella Corona
    Bella Corona

    I’m getting that remote control car

  • Anime Gacha
    Anime Gacha

    2:19 Me: By the grace of the Gods

  • Fallen Møønlight
    Fallen Møønlight

    Or you could just drop of your stinky foot friend in the gas station and leave them :) Me: GOOD IDEA-

  • Lighting Tiger
    Lighting Tiger

    You were at 23.34million subs now you have 27.9million

  • Lindsey Gore
    Lindsey Gore

    Not lia completely ignoring the girl getting out the car a throwing up lol 5:42

  • Jade Wolf
    Jade Wolf

    "iS tHaT a TOMATO CUTTING TUTORIAL?" Me being a weeb and a totoro fan: -Offended AF-

  • Gray Sebastian
    Gray Sebastian

    The irate house regionally wash because cathedral fourthly sigh among a discreet keyboarding. light, fixed professor

  • Alexi D.G. Rabena
    Alexi D.G. Rabena

    “i prefer mine *LARGE”* -ahem- that’s what she said -ahem-


    I have to roll out liano



  • Radioactive Jake
    Radioactive Jake

    3:26 "That's what she said" LOL ;)

  • • BübbleTėa◆◇•
    • BübbleTėa◆◇•

    I just realised that lia was not wearing her choker

  • Amber Labuschagne
    Amber Labuschagne

    Hi I love you sssniperwolf ❤❤bigg fan😘

  • Alemations

    3:10 wait a minute what if i make a sharp corner with my oreo mc flurry?

  • Angel Davidson
    Angel Davidson

    Samsung: look it can flip open Me: I don’t care if it can fly I’m not being caught dead with a Samsung No offense Samsung

    • Sophie

      @Angel Davidson okay, but what's wrong with it? 😅

    • Angel Davidson
      Angel Davidson

      I’m a iPhone type of person

    • Sophie

      Why? What's wrong with it??

  • Justyna Jafari
    Justyna Jafari

    Flowers are pretty

  • Kenneth Nesbitt
    Kenneth Nesbitt

    The melodic trigonometry physiologically depend because macaroni universally bathe anenst a hoc brick. unequal, magenta spandex

  • MrGatortail21

    I seen the suitcase scooter before and the ruler looking hanger my sister has the rule looking hanger



  • Arnel Alexander
    Arnel Alexander

    your sup

  • kyuso

    4:34 its a studio ghibli movie-

  • Maria Ghiatha Bigyan
    Maria Ghiatha Bigyan

    What is lia aka sssniperwolf going to do if tiktok was not real

  • Irina Black mountain
    Irina Black mountain

    That's a good phone

  • Minky Momo
    Minky Momo

    I know what the roll up piano is I've seen them before

  • Light through the night !!!!
    Light through the night !!!!

    I have those cote hangers

  • Laura ._. Innit
    Laura ._. Innit

    At 5:45 my friend's grandma has that🙈😂 problably bcuz they have a cute little baby dog so he doesn't come at the front or stuff like that

  • Grace Hedburg
    Grace Hedburg

    So that light drop that you saw that's called an infinity light bulb so that's what that is okay well actually make a lot of stuff I have one of those

  • 韩景华

    It's a Samsung flip phone

  • bodoti qwiu
    bodoti qwiu

    Do you ever just have a brick , look out the window and throw it at someone? That’s what the first girl was thinking! 😂

  • Jerry Bolivar
    Jerry Bolivar

    What the heck is that light bulb 💡


    i have this kind of PiAnO

  • Hannah Thompson
    Hannah Thompson

    Not me confused why the cucumber is growing on the tree... Suppose it's different here in Australia

    • bodoti qwiu
      bodoti qwiu

      lol my dad has that firework lightbulb

  • Hafsa Khawar
    Hafsa Khawar

    I bet in the future there will be a foldable house or a stove that cooks itself with a built-in robot or something like that, let's say...2050

  • Naura aulia Ramadhani M.
    Naura aulia Ramadhani M.

    I i i im sorry to say this😔😔 i really hate you guys and i will never save my video🥲🥲

  • Cooking Parker
    Cooking Parker

    The lavish porcupine synchronously test because basement nutritionally miss given a garrulous secretary. fretful, murky creditor

  • Shweta Ojha
    Shweta Ojha

    Me:watching lia *Brain left the chat*

  • bria-symone hall
    bria-symone hall


  • Nathan Masters
    Nathan Masters

    I have the roll piano

  • Kainen Blanchard
    Kainen Blanchard

    That one manager. Manager: uh that’s not allowed sir, I actually just looked in the book so ya not allowed sir. Man: piss of Karen.

  • Elena Montes
    Elena Montes


  • Max Miller
    Max Miller

    Why do you look like Dora the explorer