Student Makes Fun Of Bald Girl At School And Regrets It
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  • Mae Higginbottom
    Mae Higginbottom

    Im crying right now

  • kayla riwukore
    kayla riwukore

    Its not real lol. Ive seen in ayden mekus channel how to do that.

  • Hamid Ali
    Hamid Ali

    Hello me that's a weird name

  • Alex Mihaltan
    Alex Mihaltan

    8:04 mikasa

  • DAVIS 1015
    DAVIS 1015

    have you notice that the moms eyes have different colors are different

  • Venice B World
    Venice B World

    Lia: is that sofia dhar mann get a speical effects team now?! Me: what speical effects????? I litterly don’t know what that is

  • Lil Strap
    Lil Strap


  • LiamPlayzRoblox

    Ummm why is everyone going bald today?

  • Gayatri Pal
    Gayatri Pal

    That's why I believe in Karma

  • Anela Tv💞
    Anela Tv💞

    Why is she bald?💀

  • Salsaperry Perry
    Salsaperry Perry

    Damnnn you are so funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂🔥🔥

  • Minal Tube
    Minal Tube

    The **maid** bald girl was so nice to her own bullies sister like-

  • roxanna rodriguez
    roxanna rodriguez

    She has a bald cap btw but nothing fights love ❤️

  • slickron42

    That makes me cry

  • Skylar Black
    Skylar Black

    She got her wig snatched.

  • aina Lawal
    aina Lawal


  • Cyclone

    Sniperwolf are kids really this cruel me😐 yes

  • Kyleigh Grundler
    Kyleigh Grundler


  • adrienne kruse
    adrienne kruse

    Yes they are

  • Cecilia Battle
    Cecilia Battle


  • Cecilia Battle
    Cecilia Battle


  • Chely Rdg
    Chely Rdg

    I like this video thank you sniper love

  • Chely Rdg
    Chely Rdg

    Everyone's mean Buttercup for her friend

  • Chely Rdg
    Chely Rdg

    2021 it doesn't make anyone laugh so that's right

  • DragonPlayz

    Beths is a better sister than the b-b-b-bully

  • Norma Bertot
    Norma Bertot


  • Ahmad10

    I watched this

  • hi low
    hi low


  • LRS80

    I love that video 📹😭😍


    She will make an army of baldies

  • Aleksandra Sickel
    Aleksandra Sickel

    There is onions in the room that’s why I am crying!•🥴❤️‍🔥

  • Nikita Sanches
    Nikita Sanches

    Its so sad😭😭😭😭😢

  • julian atilano
    julian atilano

    And she’s the one with weave

  • Panda Jennie
    Panda Jennie

    Alexa and Katie

  • Flaming salamander357 X
    Flaming salamander357 X

    Bully: Your momma so stupid me: *gives her a roundhouse kick to the skull Bully:☠️

  • laura laughlin
    laura laughlin

    I once had a friend like this but cancer had to catch up to her😢😢 we did everything together i shaved my head to so this story is kinda like mine then she had to dance with the angels then my bf cheated and didnt have a shoulder to cry on😭😭

  • Melissa Wootton
    Melissa Wootton

    She can this rope that picture off the wall like girls not and torn and trash

  • Melissa Janvier
    Melissa Janvier

    Bruh am crying already

  • Lyndsey Young
    Lyndsey Young

    The mean girl bumped into the ball girl so rude and wow🤬

  • Joshua Ayodele
    Joshua Ayodele

    3:34 you’d be surprised

  • Mert Karal
    Mert Karal

    Bald 👩‍🦲 bald 👩‍🦲 bald 👩‍🦲

  • Abigail Zoe Lagus
    Abigail Zoe Lagus

    I thought that she has cancer but she just helped

  • The white idiot
    The white idiot

    She has the biggest head in the universe

  • Khulan Batuul
    Khulan Batuul


  • Michael Norkett
    Michael Norkett

    The bully got braces

  • Michael Norkett
    Michael Norkett

    Boi you have braces

  • Aishath Asima
    Aishath Asima

    I am done i subscribed to you ❤

  • Malayah Foster
    Malayah Foster

    Dee ytkuk,chef=2=2 yes

  • Lamisha Maliyat
    Lamisha Maliyat

    Now your taking picture's

  • Sebastian Noel
    Sebastian Noel

    0:53 Now that is what I am talking about

  • Lily Jovel
    Lily Jovel

    Wait is the sister dead?

  • Sakhi Patni
    Sakhi Patni

    it would fell so good to not have hair but at the same time you would have no friends

  • Deric Cavazos
    Deric Cavazos

    Oh shoot


    She is mean 🤬

  • isabella zuniga
    isabella zuniga

    I love it wow ❤️💛🤍🖤😭😢😔🥰

  • Billicus Z
    Billicus Z

    I ANGY MY SISSY IN A HOAPITAL>:[ HU AGH >:[ Wait.. bro imagine the mean gurl was bald and wearing a wig doe

  • Brandy Lineberger
    Brandy Lineberger

    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 this is so sad

  • Billicus Z
    Billicus Z

    I don't know what to say.. she is like so nice to her sister but so mean to "Beth". And then her sis is bald- 😃

  • ANGIE the cutie
    ANGIE the cutie

    If my sis being mean to some people ima whoop her

  • Faith Bauer
    Faith Bauer

    that bully got triggered lol

  • matt waldman
    matt waldman

    The holistic quiver frustratingly stretch because streetcar indirectly tap within a miscreant breakfast. noisy, dry dedication

  • ello Dudes
    ello Dudes

    kick that mean girl out of the school sisters hehe yonk *kicks mean girl*

  • Lexi Rutherford
    Lexi Rutherford

    Yes they are

  • Shootername Kaizer
    Shootername Kaizer

    The girl looks like she came from the national Anton’s

  • Shootername Kaizer
    Shootername Kaizer

    Bro this girl looks like Carri 💨

  • Brent Morrow
    Brent Morrow

    I love your videos can you buy

  • Asa Glass
    Asa Glass

    That is rude

  • RoseloveYT

    ok did any one see the bold cap or was that just me?

  • Amy Clark
    Amy Clark

    Fbff David

  • Giannah Castello
    Giannah Castello

    Ummm ya I can relate to this because I kinda am bald but I don’t let that slow me down! So if you bald like me just remember that:) :(

  • Christian Delgado
    Christian Delgado

    I love ❤️ u

  • Kiana Van Wyk
    Kiana Van Wyk

    I know my friend for 5 years

  • Lauren Kitchens
    Lauren Kitchens

    How do you not cry? I was crying at the hospital scene from the end.

  • Kyle Hollander
    Kyle Hollander

    :0😭😭😭😢 so sad

  • Maryam Salah Abdulkadi
    Maryam Salah Abdulkadi

    im not a bot

  • Maryam Salah Abdulkadi
    Maryam Salah Abdulkadi

    Haha its funny its not

  • { mochi-kamado }
    { mochi-kamado }

    2:58 hahahahaha

  • puppycornshakira

    Kelsey is very mean to poor without hair and good job making this video Sniper wolf

  • Lyman Connor
    Lyman Connor

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  • RangFunwa Buthelezi
    RangFunwa Buthelezi

    so now the whole world is going to shave their heads

  • RangFunwa Buthelezi
    RangFunwa Buthelezi

    aye yo i aint cruel

  • Moroesi Matoase
    Moroesi Matoase

    You are mean wolf

  • Gaming Boy9
    Gaming Boy9

    Her name should be dyslexic Dana

  • om fahad alatawi
    om fahad alatawi

    this literally isnt funny im a big man

  • Queen Explosion Murder
    Queen Explosion Murder

    Sister bald. Me:yoh, karma is real shem

  • 23_31ชาลิสา /Kakashi
    23_31ชาลิสา /Kakashi

    “ Dattebayo “ that hit me XD

  • dearie jojo
    dearie jojo


  • Andy Luna
    Andy Luna

    UZmilk comments are so dry istg

  • Shelly Nelton
    Shelly Nelton

    Omg 😱

    • CoderagentR

      I know!!!! Kids are so mean!

  • Izabelle Cowley
    Izabelle Cowley

    Yes kids are this curl. It hurts when people bully you, I should know too I was the bullies target.

  • Sally Barbery
    Sally Barbery

    When she told the story of her sister I literally started crying :( 😢

  • Sally Barbery
    Sally Barbery

    You know a actor is good when you want to punch them in the face

  • Sally Barbery
    Sally Barbery

    At the end of her videos I love when it says “click click” at the end of her videos lol

  • Bailey Howe
    Bailey Howe

    I love these

  • Hannen Aguilar
    Hannen Aguilar

    Lia: which one should I choose *chooses the bully the bald kid* Me: *do the same what Lia did*

  • Danielle Edwards - Scrappy Chicks
    Danielle Edwards - Scrappy Chicks

    This made me really sad because I’m bald 👩🏻‍🦲

  • Rodolfo Garcia
    Rodolfo Garcia

    I have seen this

  • Amy Araujo
    Amy Araujo

    How do you know Sophia

  • Daryl Little
    Daryl Little

    if i was her and i was called baldly i would have wipped out the ruler and said " LETS LREAN SOME MATH" that smacked her with the ruller

  • drholmes10

    Poor girl