Spoiled Girl Thinks She Owns Her Parents ft SSSniperWolf
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  • Lovelylozzygamer

    I met that girl sssniperwolf was sitting next to in the vid

  • Pawalun simson
    Pawalun simson

    That spoiled girl just said she wanted a red car

  • Calon Sukses
    Calon Sukses

    In idounesia of dey haf ie kid laik datang wel sey :kamu seharus ya ber syukur 😠



  • Asher Daniel
    Asher Daniel

    All of that stuff would equal to 4 years of birthdays

  • Airin Pasla
    Airin Pasla

    my parents are kinda rich so i get robux and i am a big fan SSSniperwolf

  • The J&A Adventures
    The J&A Adventures

    Hahaha i laughed so hard when ssniperwolf said in the end "and then they start fighting to the deatg whk has the best dad" 😂😂😂

  • Blueberry Dreamers
    Blueberry Dreamers

    I don’t have merch but I love your video

  • Blueberry Dreamers
    Blueberry Dreamers

    I think if you don’t get anything for your birthday you still have a family.

  • NotAlex YT
    NotAlex YT

    If she’s not gonna take that’s fine I can take it no big deal

  • Khriz Jazian
    Khriz Jazian

    When she got the first gift she say it better be good.. like she such of a brat

  • Jiasen Wan
    Jiasen Wan

    At least she had something when I had NOTHING not even a cake or anything in 2019 and 2020 (yes very sad but it's ok)


    nothing for u thats for me

  • kelly armstrong
    kelly armstrong

    I have just wanted to punch someone but I'm too kind hearted

  • Denise Gutierrez
    Denise Gutierrez

    Play fortnite again plz add Raidebunny26 Plz

  • drpickle168

    I feel bad for the dad in this one

  • Wonic TheDeath
    Wonic TheDeath

    Anyone like mango flavoured cakes? Especially with biscuit at the bottom of the slice


    I do not have anything

  • Jaiden Ramsay
    Jaiden Ramsay

    My dad would have wiped my butt if that was me.. sheeeesh

  • Karl Pagaway
    Karl Pagaway

    Hey😡! Don't do that to your dad

  • Alyssa Burns
    Alyssa Burns

    Snnniperwolf just wants everyone to fight

  • rhymie lan
    rhymie lan

    Hi can you buy me a ps5 i all dream to be a UZmilkr

    • ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ

      She cant buy ps5 for her self how she can buy to u

    • rhymie lan
      rhymie lan

      @ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ uhhh

    • ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ


    • rhymie lan
      rhymie lan


  • Mira Yam
    Mira Yam

    how are you in the video?

  • MichaelXYZ

    1:49 rasist 4:38 EVEN MORE RASICIST

  • MichaelXYZ

    Ayo can I have some cake some of us dont have that luxery

  • Novita Sari
    Novita Sari

    I wanted the black phone but the shop didn’t have any

    • Novita Sari
      Novita Sari

      And i love black my car is black and i dont argue still

    • Novita Sari
      Novita Sari

      So i got a new one instead

  • Nightcore galaxy
    Nightcore galaxy

    Subscribe too dhar man

  • 𝓬𝓻𝓫𝔃

    I actually want to get black iPhone

  • Minal Tube
    Minal Tube

    This girl: I WANTED A WHITE ONE AHHH! Me: miss girl- *slaps through screen* BE GRATEFUL!

  • Jayde Waldrop
    Jayde Waldrop

    Hahaha they fight to the death

  • Isabella Gregory
    Isabella Gregory

    I don't have a phone and I am 10 so no car I probley would have got a beating with any thing in reach

  • Marivic Lemosnero
    Marivic Lemosnero

    Why are you in the Darr mann movie?

  • Weyana David
    Weyana David


  • Someone2291

    When she said I realized something She should of said I realized I am a b*tch

  • Lisa Chua
    Lisa Chua

    She is so lucky yet she take off granted.hAha

  • Maria Edelweiss R. Lalosa
    Maria Edelweiss R. Lalosa

    But I love black

  • Coolgirl_Mouse Yay
    Coolgirl_Mouse Yay

    I love lia’s comments on this girl like whaaaaa I don’t get to post a pic

  • Jocelyn Peck
    Jocelyn Peck

    Really you want the white case excuse me lady you’re just a newbie I would want a black one

  • Coolgirl_Mouse Yay
    Coolgirl_Mouse Yay

    Lia:and I just so happen to be in this one. Me:....whoooooo

  • Phyo Wai
    Phyo Wai

    You are really cute ♥️

  • Phyo Wai
    Phyo Wai

    Nice video

  • Stephanie Tigarea
    Stephanie Tigarea

    If this was my kid, ooh girl you are going to live with your aunt in Asia and getting whipped.

  • Miltner Family
    Miltner Family

    What is wrong with her UGH! Lol

  • The R.S family Vlogs
    The R.S family Vlogs


  • Nikki Marshall
    Nikki Marshall

    No think it is werd to lol

  • Maral Aram
    Maral Aram

    Awwww *crys happy* I am crying for real

  • Maral Aram
    Maral Aram

    And she has rich dad

  • Maral Aram
    Maral Aram

    Same I just wanna PUCH someone

  • Maral Aram
    Maral Aram


  • NiNjA oP
    NiNjA oP

    If I would get a iPhone XR I would love it😢

  • Marlyn Valentin
    Marlyn Valentin

    "She said some your the worst dad" like mah guy

  • Marlyn Valentin
    Marlyn Valentin

    Me as a dad *takes out shoe* BE GREATFULL

  • [Coco pineapple]
    [Coco pineapple]

    The spoiled girl is such a good actor!

  • Maritza De La Rosa
    Maritza De La Rosa

    Real talk how do resist not eating the cake

  • jenn5290 jenn5290
    jenn5290 jenn5290

    bruh i dont even have a phone i have an LG ipad and we dont celebrate birthdays so like shut up gurl

  • Ashley Redknap
    Ashley Redknap

    If that girl was replaced with me which I’m a boy I would be grateful for what I got because it doesn’t matter if I get a black phone that is new or a strawberry cake because I’m pretty grateful now my sister not too much because when I got her pony toys she said she didn’t want it and I know if you still don’t want it just say thank you anyways

  • Alricka Coker
    Alricka Coker

    That girl was so rude

  • Daisy Alago
    Daisy Alago

    My mom would like ground me and take away everything she got me for my birthday what a spoiled little brat

    • Daisy Alago
      Daisy Alago

      The other girl would of been me :)

  • FUNFidgetPlaytime

    WHAT rich Spoiled girl say to sniper wolf

  • TP 25
    TP 25

    I wish I saw my dad I'm stuck with my useless stuiped mom

  • metro boomin gon make it boom
    metro boomin gon make it boom

    Imagine being spoiled

  • Ozzy ostrich
    Ozzy ostrich

    When you realize that she could’ve bought a White case and a new memory card



  • Ashley Felix
    Ashley Felix


  • Felicia Trujillo
    Felicia Trujillo

    😂🥺😂🥺😂🥺😂.to sssniperwolf . You are so sweet.keep making video’s

  • Felicia Trujillo
    Felicia Trujillo

    You should know what happened if you were in the video

  • NinjaDav

    Is this me, or like sniperwolf sounds different in dhar mann

  • Sohana Kapoor
    Sohana Kapoor

    Today is my cousin’s birthday too. She doesn’t get an iPhone or a car she literally gets a Sofia the first toy and a small chocolate cake that she’s going to bash on. (She’s only 4 years old.)

  • Martha Dickerson
    Martha Dickerson

    I saw 3 red ones

  • Duaa Ouznali
    Duaa Ouznali

    Lia's reaction at 2:50 was the cherry on top

  • Chase Faust
    Chase Faust

    Just get a different case bruh

  • game boy
    game boy

    But she was kind at the end tho so i guess its cool

  • A Person
    A Person

    Nice acting Sniperwolf :)

  • Life like 2
    Life like 2

    Sniper wolf: sike Me: 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

  • Edlynne B Padilla
    Edlynne B Padilla


  • Renad Ramadan
    Renad Ramadan

    A black car match a black iPhone

  • Quentin Gascon élève
    Quentin Gascon élève

    My favourite favour is chocolate cake and ice cream cake and Canada

  • Secretary

    If this was my sister or child (I’m not an adult though), I’d grab the nearest pole and smack her across the face.


    When she bragged about the phone 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Arriann Rose
    Arriann Rose

    I’m not like that to my dad 🌼

  • Minara Shukurova
    Minara Shukurova

    It's just a cake! Like me too, my parents bought me a chocolate cake and I just said thanks! I wasn't like I HATE THIS! I TOLD YOU I WANTED RED VELVET!

  • Jo Demenis
    Jo Demenis

    A black car is a good one cuz if u get dirt on it then it will not show much

  • Victoria Nolasco
    Victoria Nolasco

    sniperwolf you made this vid one my b dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Life with MJ
    Life with MJ

    I hate when they only say girls are only spoiled like the haven’t made one vid about boys being spoiled

  • laura laughlin
    laura laughlin

    My dad doesn't take me out for dinner but sometimes he will take me to get a milkshake and i like oreo love you mama love you papa ❤❤😙😙

  • mindlessolive ,
    mindlessolive ,

    I’m tired of the girl being mean to black stuff

  • Oufaki Boulaki
    Oufaki Boulaki

    I think poor people are grateful and some rich are spoiled and normal people with money are normal not spoiled

  • Soso's Adventures
    Soso's Adventures

    He’s a sniper wolf I am one of your biggest fans are obsessed with watching your videos I think you’re really funny and cool and Sunday I would like to be just like you and I just wanted to say I started watching this Darwin video end it was really cool when I saw you on it and that’s when I realized it was well I think a Kalab with you and our man

  • Lucien williams
    Lucien williams

    thats about 17k dollars spent on her on my birthday my budget was 2k

  • Sobhi Ismail
    Sobhi Ismail

    Girl I would even be happy to have a half of a cupcake 👁👄👁

  • Taslima Aktar
    Taslima Aktar

    So flipping spoilt

  • May Chang
    May Chang


  • XxCookie_ DevilxX
    XxCookie_ DevilxX


  • Corey Karber
    Corey Karber

    Just PAINT it

  • my name is jEfF
    my name is jEfF

    BLACK COLOUR IS A GOOD COLOUR like wtf girl u a little bitc-

  • Coral vs Games
    Coral vs Games

    And then they start fighting to death for who has the best dad in the world - SSSniperwolf 2021 😂😂

  • Terry Atieno
    Terry Atieno

    Sssniperwolf what where you doing in the viedio

  • Karely Florencio
    Karely Florencio

    Sssniperwolf is like:yea be grateful for what you have 😛

  • Sheetal Gudmewar
    Sheetal Gudmewar

    The first time I saw lia make wierd faces


    Does Sam do live streams with you really?