Tik Toks Only Girls Understand
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  • Laughalot2122

    The one that was the girls on their p3riod was made to make fun females.

  • Aishath Farha
    Aishath Farha

    My brother is a gamer brother

  • Ankit Chakraborty
    Ankit Chakraborty

    Mam you are sweating from the head

  • Cecilia Card
    Cecilia Card

    Oh and the way I sleep is the shy and sensitive way witch is true about me

  • Cecilia Card
    Cecilia Card

    No I’m not going though any of these things I’m 9

  • Cecilia Card
    Cecilia Card

    What is the worst fear thing

    • Cecilia Card
      Cecilia Card


  • Marian Kirkpatrick
    Marian Kirkpatrick


  • Marian Kirkpatrick
    Marian Kirkpatrick

    When I watch you make me happy when I am sas

  • Jaylyn Williams
    Jaylyn Williams

    I sleep everwar

  • lolAssassin

    Me hearing shes just a friend: instantly think of Adrien saying "ShEs JuSt A fRiEnD" Btw its from Miraculous ladybug

  • ✨🐇JaCK The Bavaria🐇✨
    ✨🐇JaCK The Bavaria🐇✨

    the most embarrassing part about when you first get your period is telling your mom/boyfriend *wheeze*


    I sleep in feedale and why is she so accurate

  • Jay so cool
    Jay so cool

    3:03 and that's why I'm scared to get my period but my mom did say she didn't get cramps before she had me

  • Fidget lover 2012
    Fidget lover 2012

    Your my favorite you tuber ever

  • Lizzie Jones
    Lizzie Jones

    Bro that part when the mother rolled down the window bc she said that guy looks cute, I remember my mom did that to me when my crush walked by! 😭😅

  • •Lys Lizardz•
    •Lys Lizardz•

    When you sleep all ways 😂

  • Kira thompson
    Kira thompson

    I sleep in all positions

  • Katy Korona
    Katy Korona

    The time when u be watching her and ur phone dies:👁. 👄👁 AaAaAaA!!!!!! B

  • Shadowkillerxx

    Half way through class I put my hand up my shirt and took my bra off 🤣 I was wearing an oversized hoodie so no one saw 🤣

  • Anna M.J ;-;
    Anna M.J ;-;

    No one:- Litteraly no one:- 💥Lia rocking safty pins as earrings💥

  • Christine Musukuma
    Christine Musukuma

    Maammm excuse the is 7ft demon in ur house😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I CAN'T ABLE

  • Wireless_WiFi

    Me sleeping be like:Freestyle

  • Anita Carrick
    Anita Carrick

    I sleep like a solver

  • Shanavi Santhana
    Shanavi Santhana

    "In my whole life i only snuck out twice....." *me being indian* *me beinng south indian* *me with grills on all windows* *me living in a village* *me having a house not even in a proper village* *me not having courier for a 10 km radius* *me living 35 kilometers away from my friends* *me being born in the us lol* i could go on :)

  • Jane Anne
    Jane Anne

    9:33 all of em all fo position she says

  • SubscribeX

    Lia : take my "HEHE" go back I'm busy... Me : "ok"? 🤣

  • Evan Hearsey
    Evan Hearsey

    “Tell me you haven’t had a girl friend without telling me you haven’t had a girlfriend” GURL HES GAY

  • Ninjagamer898

    When it said when ur biggest fear happend her tampon ripped

  • Morrigan Colias
    Morrigan Colias


  • Ava Hearst
    Ava Hearst

    My nail it don’t move it don’t move my nail it don’t move my nail ✨👏 IT DONT MOVE👏✨

  • Amber Pettit
    Amber Pettit

    Ok I sleep like the first and last one

  • CamieleonGachaYT

    2:50 "Girls on their p3riodt" Me: "How to get diabetes"

  • Cat a Cantaloupe
    Cat a Cantaloupe

    I sleep in starfish mode

  • 🌼Touka Kirishima🌼
    🌼Touka Kirishima🌼

    It's the "tell me you never had a girlfriend, without telling me you never had a girlfriend" for me. Lol love your videos🐺🖤

  • Not Funny
    Not Funny

    Wait aren’t we not supposed to have cold thing on our period tho?

  • xX Midnight_Demon Xx
    xX Midnight_Demon Xx

    Is it bad that the person you think as your best friend doesn’t think your their best friend?

  • Sonny Bold
    Sonny Bold

    When the second video she's like=she's just a friend What is wrong with her That's remind me of adrien agreste


    POV u came from that vid from tik tok saying this guy got roasted

  • Cool

    Her saying some one rlly gonna bully you Me and my friend who got ours at 9


    The dark legal jointly smile because wolf proportionally happen qua a omniscient lumber. blue, delirious lunge

  • Ashlee Hawkins
    Ashlee Hawkins

    When she says it’s good to have a guy Friend the dose not like you me having a guy best friend that has a crush on me and me having one on him BTW this is the person Daughter

  • Black BEAST
    Black BEAST

    I sleep I all position 😏

  • Adrian Arrington
    Adrian Arrington

    Does the bra mesuring apply to binders as well? just found one of mine was moldy along with my fav tee shirt so i burned them.

  • Peanut355

    I sleep with my legs near my torso

  • Grace Henley
    Grace Henley

    OTHER girls getting their first bra messuring: Me: AaaaAaaAh dont touch meeeeee

  • Meli9743

    There is in alien

  • Viola Goff
    Viola Goff

    what wus a strening

  • Amira’s City
    Amira’s City

    I sleep all the ways that girl say. So, what am I???

  • Blanche Ngo
    Blanche Ngo

    i sleep all those four different ways

  • XxCorrupted_SoulxX

    9:48 thats my sleeping position... I am very shy, Introverted, and sensitive....

  • iiStrxwberry Pop
    iiStrxwberry Pop

    Then judging you on how you sleep when you sleep in all those ways and you also like the kick punch not stay still way 🙄✋

  • Big Gains
    Big Gains

    Dude the mom one where she talks to him for her. Moms do that do their sons too. :(


    Omg sheesh😌🙃

  • Emalynn S
    Emalynn S

    Sleep sleep in a ball

  • foxy&wolfe edits
    foxy&wolfe edits

    The hole guy girl be I g frinds think and them slipping thow that little crack is 90% true on my end like from 1st garde to now i have had 3 of my frinds that are guys have a crush on me that i know of well 4 if you count my ex becuse like we where like frinds for a while. But he it is true some I found out myself others they ammited to it

  • schwifty gaming
    schwifty gaming

    7 foot demon lol🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • your sad sis
    your sad sis

    Oh ma gawd I have sooo many guy friends 😳


    7:21 I thought you need to add 4 inches to your band size is even number and 5 inches if it's odd number? 🤔

  • Deangelo Davis
    Deangelo Davis

    I can understand the hair tie one I had long hair before

  • John John
    John John

    Steve Harvey is speaking facts lmao

  • Sanura Taylor
    Sanura Taylor

    😱😱😱its not 🦋hehe🦋 its 😈HEHE😈

  • Valerie Campos
    Valerie Campos

    Hunny I don’t think that was the draw string-

  • El_Chapo_Moo

    Me being a boy: 😵‍💫😐👌👁👄👁.. Me being a girl:😲😏🙃🤐

  • Kaliyah Dodson
    Kaliyah Dodson

    Im an guy. and i understand the last 5 Tik Toks Only Girls Understand videos

  • Itz_Your local_Olviaa ;w;
    Itz_Your local_Olviaa ;w;

    3:01 that guy is on my nerves he thinks he's right about the girls when he isn't this may be off topic but its true. He's just wasting food. :/ even when Lia was seeing it her face looked like she was bout to throw hands -love your videos btw 😊😊

  • woah edits
    woah edits

    1:29 his voice omggg

  • Cristiana Gant
    Cristiana Gant

    I sleep crooked

  • Maryam Salah Abdulkadi
    Maryam Salah Abdulkadi

    a boy: eww...poor dude Me: I'm not poor! *shows my expensive car* who broke now?! A boy: *runs* momma daddy we need get a richer car she has a Lamborghini Me: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Mario Acosta
    Mario Acosta

    Ummm I don’t get any ?????!!!!!

  • •Funtime_Foxy•

    Me: *walks past literally ANY boy * My step mom: oOoO, yOu lIkE hIm-

  • MagicGehnsen

    I feel bad for your male viewers who were excepting a video

  • Enzo Gaming
    Enzo Gaming

    *as a boy I understood all of it because I had a girl best friend*

  • doug perez
    doug perez

    The hair tie on the wrist is the same thing as the sock line on your ankle

  • _Dreamy_


  • _Dreamy_

    No if the ice sinky i drinky 😎

  • N̷e̷i̷k̷i̷a̷ Øwō
    N̷e̷i̷k̷i̷a̷ Øwō

    Boys don't understand HOW HORRIBLE PERIODS ARE. 😡

  • kitten life
    kitten life

    My cat be like yeet when he watching your videos _Amelia D 2012

  • Xavier Warrior
    Xavier Warrior

    I’m a guy with long hair and I wear a hair ties I totally feel how you feel with your wrist but I cut my long hair out

  • halima boulahrir
    halima boulahrir

    when i click on your videos i get an ad from you of a video game and then suddenly the video where you are suddenly very excited talking ''hello friends it's me''😂😂

  • Michael Robert
    Michael Robert

    I am a boy who as all girl friends so, I understand

  • Macayla Fales
    Macayla Fales

    why is there two sssniperwolf videos that are the exact same but with difrent thumbnails?

  • Diaz Kids
    Diaz Kids

    I literally live with 3 hair ties on at all times

  • Smiley  makes stories and vids 😊
    Smiley makes stories and vids 😊

    -Marinette crying-

  • Smiley  makes stories and vids 😊
    Smiley makes stories and vids 😊



    3:03💀 her face💀💀

  • Panda bearz Elemental wolves
    Panda bearz Elemental wolves

    2:33 lol

  • chloe grace
    chloe grace

    0:54 Lia got it the wrong way lol If the ice DON'T sinky then me no drinky ik that we all make mistakes :D

  • Kyleigh Keel
    Kyleigh Keel

    That ice cream looks good

  • pooop

    I have a boyfriend

  • Temour Samatov
    Temour Samatov

    Omg my very sensitive, shy and introverted friend sleeps in the feetle position ;-;

  • Ethan and Audrey Robinson
    Ethan and Audrey Robinson

    With the sleep position one, what happens when you're all?

  • Michaela Glenn
    Michaela Glenn

    That's means I haven't got my period

  • Dan Baumgarten
    Dan Baumgarten

    If you are in the men’s room and you open a pad they think your eating chips

  • Error Mikasa Ackerman
    Error Mikasa Ackerman

    Wow.... it funny

  • Sunshine Skateboarding
    Sunshine Skateboarding

    i sleep 3 different ways

  • Leslie Hodge
    Leslie Hodge

    My person in the family that was a male and bought me a pack of pads and they were so small

  • Chloie James
    Chloie James

    They do bully u for changing pads in school

  • Chloie James
    Chloie James