Tik Tok Safety Hacks You Need To Know
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  • Sia's Happy Life
    Sia's Happy Life

    If u r a messy hair UZmilkr well u look beautiful 😀

  • Jessica abbinnett
    Jessica abbinnett

    Lia: yeah im locking all the doors all the windows, EVERYTHING Me: I dont even have locks on my windows-

  • Ronika Zar
    Ronika Zar

    That Tik Tok was not real I tried it on my lock door and my door does not open only keys can open the door

  • Bryan Mata
    Bryan Mata

    Keep ur money safe ok for women but for men😨😨😨😨😨😨😳😳😳

  • lakshmisai Enterprise
    lakshmisai Enterprise


  • immu here
    immu here

    Awesome ❤️❤️❤️

  • Shirley Parker
    Shirley Parker

    I didn’t know there was an extra lock on apartment door knobs what

  • junko

    My mum got her car robbed,gladly her car was not taken but the window was broken,they checked the drawers in the front seat,do not put valuable things in the front seat drawers.

  • Cyrila Duncano
    Cyrila Duncano

    Have you ever got robbed? Cuz, we had it was one of these nasty boys THEY TOOK MY SIBLINGS IPADS!!!

  • FrancoNerf

    Wow I live in philippines but my door is a gate door

  • H H
    H H

    Superb awesome...

  • Yasmin Soulsby
    Yasmin Soulsby

    Sniperwolf:hello friends its me your favorite.. Me:MESSY HAIR UZmilk WE GET IT OK

  • Brian Masucci III
    Brian Masucci III

    I have 80 something dollars

  • Nuxanor


  • anonymous 1839
    anonymous 1839



    **me searching for the invisawear scrunchie**

  • HadsDoesYT

    ...My bathroom mirror doesn't have a gap.

  • its Joseanna
    its Joseanna

    Uhm when they said scream do everything with your mouth what if they tape your mouth and hands and feet

  • Stelian Elena
    Stelian Elena


  • Mandy Rajput
    Mandy Rajput


  • Superchildzara

    Video:go absolutely insane.scream.bark.bite them.pee on yourself.vomit.yell "fire".kick them.act CRAZY Me still in year4:when I wait for my mom to pick me up I would scream make animal noises every kid starts to look at me I feel like a crazy person but I'm not shy


    If someone knocks or bangs on your door what you do is turn on all your lights turn on tvs because then they will know your not alone and grab a weapon just in case

  • Hayli Hill
    Hayli Hill


  • s u m m e r
    s u m m e r

    : D

  • Krishna Mohan
    Krishna Mohan


  • Amanda May
    Amanda May

    awh i love her so much i bet in rl she is so nice.

  • Soup boi
    Soup boi

    The sick thing might not work some time cuz they see ur sick and might think ur weak enough to take away or something so I would find a person and tell them or a big crowd

  • Dominic Gooden
    Dominic Gooden

    Hid every thing

  • Dominic Gooden
    Dominic Gooden

    I know some of them


    She is always a mess

  • Isabella Crowl
    Isabella Crowl

    When she sed crazy does that mean I can lick them and pool a minnny gun out

  • ElectricDabi

    Ok so, Ive been midly sexually assaulted before and so now I hate people touching me, and do every single time somebody like even my friends if they grab me I literally start biting, chocking and making whole different sounds. That is unless I know thats them, I accidentally fractured my friends wrist as she grab me from behind and dragged me, keep this in mind bending back people's hands, biting, and pressing harshly down on someone's voice box, kicking their stomach, Hitting the back of their neck harshly can actually save your life

  • Tech review
    Tech review

    I would get a air horn to scare away the lion

  • Nate


  • Sarafina Butcher
    Sarafina Butcher

    My dad has brok his car window with his Tustin ring

  • Madison Kelly
    Madison Kelly

    I live in a arpartment but not that type of key hole

  • Tiffany Rushing
    Tiffany Rushing

    I don’t think the glass is gonna work for me I can’t hear anything

  • King_Feitan_ Cloudy
    King_Feitan_ Cloudy


  • Kinnera Indu
    Kinnera Indu


  • RedIsSus

    what's the door open thing for tho?

  • Don't Question it
    Don't Question it

    So ummmmm there not gap for my bathroom mirror (I think I know what I’m talking about)

  • Don't Question it
    Don't Question it

    0:52 The Apertment hack I live in an apartment but my hands are not strong enough to do that

  • • 『 kokichi and nagito simp 2.0 』 •
    • 『 kokichi and nagito simp 2.0 』 •

    Kidnappers and bad guys watching this: 😏

  • Abigailplaz

    Lia:that’s a shanck Me:what

  • Abigailplaz

    Me on Roblox:I’m # Me irl:I’m nine

  • Thomas Wicker
    Thomas Wicker

    Love You 💖

  • Ganimete Dullovi-Fejza
    Ganimete Dullovi-Fejza

    not the Hulu Loulou lo lo lo lo lo

  • Kimberly Smith
    Kimberly Smith

    Mack_vent on IG did it perfectly for me she is really good at this stuff 💯💯

  • Kimberly Smith
    Kimberly Smith

    Mack_vent on IG did it perfectly for me she is really good at this stuff 💯💯

  • Michele Hilliker
    Michele Hilliker

    I like your hair

  • William Tapia Ortega
    William Tapia Ortega

    i can go insane and i mean insane insane

  • Toko Fukawa
    Toko Fukawa

    Didn’t lia say she didn’t get paid for chores? How does she have an allowance?

  • Denki Kaminari
    Denki Kaminari

    That girl when she said draw as much attention: Me:*bites the person trying to kidnap me

  • ankit puri
    ankit puri


  • Trinity Haling
    Trinity Haling

    Was it just me or when she put the locked sounds in it scared the shit out of u. lmfao did for me

  • King_Feitan_ Cloudy
    King_Feitan_ Cloudy

    Don’t try to look big with a bear or Gorilla it will try to fight u

  • cexm62013

    You look cute in that outfit

  • xX_IndieKidVibes_ Xx
    xX_IndieKidVibes_ Xx

    1:33 actually, mountain lions are very common in Utah so if you go into the mountains (which are literally EVERYWHERE surrounding you) you’re at risk of being attacked by a mountain lion 😂 or bears, or cows 🐄 😂

  • Izzy The Gamer
    Izzy The Gamer

    This video says men a super dangerous girls hold knifes pepper spray and more

  • BunZy

    This date was my B-day

  • matty boi
    matty boi


  • Ramona Rae Douglas
    Ramona Rae Douglas

    dude a couple weeks ago i went to walmart with my parents and i saw zipties on someones car handles

  • Nola Hoffman
    Nola Hoffman

    hey lia, where can we find your tik toks?

  • Jennie Smith
    Jennie Smith

    She spelt favorite* wrong

  • Kylie Castillo
    Kylie Castillo

    😭😭😭😭 someone’s trying to follow me

  • Slimy Gamestone
    Slimy Gamestone


  • Nishant Singh
    Nishant Singh

    Save my life to

  • Alivia Ssenyange
    Alivia Ssenyange

    Once a robber broke in my home I was scared

  • Susan Elizabeth
    Susan Elizabeth

    I have no gap in my mirror in my bathroom

  • Seren Harris
    Seren Harris

    U should do more of these

  • Larry Haddon
    Larry Haddon

    So some one broke into my granny house and they almost took my Xbox but they got scared because she was carrying a gun

  • Kyleigh Glispie
    Kyleigh Glispie

    I have had someone tryna break in and all I had to do what put on a sound effect and it worked

  • Arianna Mcgriff
    Arianna Mcgriff

    Umm... One time my mom scratched (a bit) someone’s car and she left a note to tell them “i think they just drove off” 😭😭😭😭

  • Raininq :/
    Raininq :/


  • Ivelin Ivanov
    Ivelin Ivanov

    Once when I was walking home I saw this guy in a sketchy van saying: Hi, I am your Mom's friend and she told me to pick you both up. Lemme tell you it was getting dark and I was worried about the 2 kids. One was a boy and the other one is a girl. When I saw them, with no hesatation I said: Mark, Stacy, there you are. Dont run away from me. When I got close to them I whispered to them : Follow me, trust me. And so they did. I also whispered: Pretend like we are having a conversation. And we were like talking about a new show. And soon the guy left. They asked me who I was but I told them that that guy could have kidnapped you. Also I askes them why they were outside so late. Then I got them back to their house and explained everything to the parents. They even rewarded me with 5 bucks for keeping the children safe. Long story short it was 2 years from that and my parents and their are still so gratefull

  • Leeya Dileep
    Leeya Dileep

    thank goodness i live in a townhouse

  • Tyler Robinson
    Tyler Robinson

    Sooooo there’s ppl who don’t lock there doors????

  • H H
    H H

    Superb awesome

  • willow schenk
    willow schenk

    the phone one is a bad idea be =cause if someone robs you they are likely to take your phone and the they would also have the money

  • Bernice Gough
    Bernice Gough

    Don't do that being bug thing with an elephant they gon stomp you

  • ___bLaNd

    kidnapper:GET IN THE CAR NOW! me:WAIT lemmme watch sssniperwolf rq and then ill get kidnapper:i-

  • Adam Mullins Jr
    Adam Mullins Jr

    Do I really need these

  • Chris AftonUwu
    Chris AftonUwu

    Her:me face to face with a mountain lion* makes a weird noise*

  • Yousra Gannouf
    Yousra Gannouf

    I am always sooo thankfull that i know usefull tricks and one of my biggest fears is thiefs and Kidnapper s cuz i am a kid😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟

  • Liana Ryazanova
    Liana Ryazanova

    If you see anything on your car, don't approach it. Heyy i got a parking ticket i need a big crowd to pay it off

  • Muhammad Cassim
    Muhammad Cassim

    I se the scrunchies and i like wow so cute and fashionable and then i think if asking my mum ....but... when i saw the price i was like .WOW CuTe PrIcE...

  • NotMiles

    Suddenly I don’t feel so safe

  • •EmpressTeddy•

    Robbers taking note right now $×$

  • Offixial may
    Offixial may

    this is why my house has that voice thing so i can see the person through the window and ask them what they want from the telecom thingy

  • Pxislee chan
    Pxislee chan

    If someone tried kidnap me id punch them in the eye and act crazy or insane or like a psychopath

  • Pxislee chan
    Pxislee chan

    I remember when my uncle gave me 100 dollars and then after we took a boat back to our city and there was a old lady and like my parents said to not take out all my money and like i feel like the lady was offended i mean anyone would, if they have no bad intentions

  • Euphoria 69
    Euphoria 69

    Fans to the same IP

  • Michelle grabowska
    Michelle grabowska

    i sor vat sef dfes kitb o.n tiktok

  • Izzies World
    Izzies World

    You:walks near someone Them: yeats out a knife


    aint nobody making fun of anime sword collection now

  • Natalie Dickinson
    Natalie Dickinson

    btw mean by the way

  • Meenal

    Honestly that "pretending to be a friend" works so well especially if you make a little scene like "Hey omg I've been looking for you everywhere!" - save a life everyone 🥰

  • Leanne Pike
    Leanne Pike

    Shes kinda cute

  • zexy zek v2
    zexy zek v2

    10:14 i

  • Meme Maker Allyred123
    Meme Maker Allyred123

    How to tell who to get Diver: kidnapper Any passengers: hostage