Karens Who Got Caught On Camera
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  • Itz_Gatcha_Rose_Bank

    The girl that said "You clearly have your mask under your chin,put your mask on." She was a Karen in another Karen video and she made someone quit their job because she wasn't wearing a mask.

  • r u t h - i b a r a
    r u t h - i b a r a

    I lover her ✨GOLDEN CHAIN NECKLACE✨ *insert biting lip emoji*

  • Uhm.ItzLia RobloxYT
    Uhm.ItzLia RobloxYT

    I think the "Karens" that are asking to put your mask on correctly aren't actually "Karens" because they are asking to put a mask on because they think its on wrong (even tho it's on) But if he wasn't actually wearing a mask and it was down like that she would be reminding him and that would be good. :)

  • Dio Brando
    Dio Brando

    Lia:mam were in a parking lot you got some balls A guy:lady's don't have balls

  • Andrew Pham
    Andrew Pham

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  • 🌙Moonlight🌙

    These Circuses are more funny than Comedians

  • BinodMv - PUBGM
    BinodMv - PUBGM

    After watching these videos I also want to fight with KARENS🤣

  • ปาล์มมี่ พรหมมาตร
    ปาล์มมี่ พรหมมาตร

    5:00 🕔 idk but the women looks like the karen who made one girl quit her job who agrees


    Um.... Truth I'm a kind of a Karen but not to crazy 😂😂😂

  • Kitty Fans
    Kitty Fans

    A karen came to us on a school trip and she wouldnt stop anything and she called the police and said: "HELLO? Yes. I need help because this man and women have too many kids. Yes ty" and i was like: "MA'AM CANT U SEE WE ARE STUDENTS AND THEESE ARE OUR TEACHERS? WE ARE A CLASS" and i kicked her so the police actually arested the karen 😂

  • Gacha cringe gurl lol
    Gacha cringe gurl lol

    Like are they dumb or something

  • Gacha cringe gurl lol
    Gacha cringe gurl lol

    That funny mask dose not have a mouth that moves how do people fall for it

  • Lacey Barry
    Lacey Barry

    Karen complaining that people not wearing a mask when she literally not wearing one

  • Halil Mohammad
    Halil Mohammad

    karens is a bit crazy.

  • Emma

    I absolutely LOVE how short her intros are. 👏👏👏

  • Yeet Girl
    Yeet Girl

    10:08 when she said he just waddling down the street made me laugh for some reason and made me think of the duck song. Like i just can't lol 👁️👄👁️

  • XxAvaxX

    Lia where do you get your jewellery ???????????

  • Kitten ShibaLoaf
    Kitten ShibaLoaf

    Tbh if someone is telling you to wear a mask when you aren’t (unless you are legally allowed to not wear a mask), doesn’t really make them a Karen, the virus is still going around and people are still dying.

  • Stella Klariz Liebsack
    Stella Klariz Liebsack

    Mooooooore Keren videos pls

  • Marqueza Erigbuagas
    Marqueza Erigbuagas

    Me when I see a karen: 😳 Me trying to look away 🙍🏻‍♀️

  • Gibson De Leon
    Gibson De Leon

    Can we just look for a second that the ones who are on TikTok has a smaller head than the one that’s watching

  • Gene Tilghman
    Gene Tilghman

    This is what happens to people when they think they are right and you are wrong their mind locked up and it does not matter what you say they're going to be right and I'm very surprised that none of these women pulled the boohoo theatrical treatment that they do when they don't get their way

  • William Jones
    William Jones

    5.21 she isn’t wearing one either

  • EdgyScream League
    EdgyScream League

    Honestly id rather have a karen yell at people to wear masks rather than complaining that they cant wear masks due to a “health issue”

  • mariah burrus
    mariah burrus

    All of them was the crazy

  • SCP Foundation
    SCP Foundation

    Next thing you know one of these Karen’s call you because you’re making money out of their stupidity

  • ZHION Arugay
    ZHION Arugay

    Would you rather save your mom or all the Karen's in the world?

  • Maria Chrzanowski
    Maria Chrzanowski

    The fact that that Karen who "got cut off" drives a Prius

  • Jakob Vulcheff
    Jakob Vulcheff

    That f**king woman let the flag hit the ground

  • Jedd Hillier
    Jedd Hillier

    Swinging the flag bacause they have a JDM import car

  • -SSC- Colin
    -SSC- Colin

    are.. are we calling people who are telling us to put on masks, for our own safety, karens? not very poggers

  • anh luong
    anh luong

    The girl that said ur not wearing a mask that the same karen that fight with a girl in the restaurant

  • Gacha•Devil•Queen

    Can we just look at the bodyblocking karen’s sunburn though-

  • Carla Lopez
    Carla Lopez

    The Karen that was at the grocery store is the same one that complained at a cafe I think it was and She was complaining that she wasn’t gonna wear her mask because she was already in the store and everyone else that was sitting didn’t have a mask 👁👄👁

  • vilma castillo
    vilma castillo

    i am suffering of second hand embarrassment from these karens

  • Donna James
    Donna James

    Do people not notice, that when people talk with those masks on their mouths don't move. ARE YOU BLIND!!!

  • Benjamin Duncan
    Benjamin Duncan

    That Karen pulled up with the American flag strap and a trump 2020 shield

  • hugibugiYT jaden brothers
    hugibugiYT jaden brothers

    I can't Belive this People exist

  • GraySkies

    I work my third shift of my first job tomorrow and I have yet to deal with a Karen but I’m nervous about having to deal with one at some point :(

  • naji hormis
    naji hormis

    Karen: You look like you were raised in a trailer park Me: And you look like you were raised in Jurassic park.

  • naji hormis
    naji hormis

    5:06 Me: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO thats the women who made the employee quit their job and then decided to put their mask on.

  • Gameknight Snipez
    Gameknight Snipez

    bro i got sniperwolfs genshin impact ad and i thought it was part of the video lol

  • Jessica Translation
    Jessica Translation

    Karen: WEAR THE MASK Guy: I am wearing a mask Karen: WEAR YOUR FUCKING MASK Guy: I am (Guy takes off mask) Karen: Ya but why would any one wear a mask like that

  • Devil Jade
    Devil Jade

    Fun fact today I experienced my first ever Karen so

  • Gaming with Keagan
    Gaming with Keagan

    Wow such a great video I’m your biggest fan

  • Galxey cat
    Galxey cat

    By is Karen even a person

  • Sean Booth
    Sean Booth

    I saw one of these. I was outside on the sidewalk and this Karen came to me and said you are on the wrong side of the SIDEWALK!!!!



  • JoJo Kujo
    JoJo Kujo

    Ok so

  • Rachael Cho
    Rachael Cho

    if i was the dude in the first video i would have ran her over what nerve she got

  • BigGrizzlyBear

    FYI for that woman that said "You're dressed like you live in a trailer park", I want you to know I dress like any other human being and I just so happen to live in a TRAILER PARK.

  • Jerry Berger
    Jerry Berger

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  • Hiroshi Borjal
    Hiroshi Borjal

    Thx for reminding me to buy a gun always. Calm down its a joke

  • LF Beverage
    LF Beverage

    Karens who got caught -on camera- In 4k.

  • The Gonzalez Family
    The Gonzalez Family

    You are the best

  • gachalife king
    gachalife king

    I met a Karen at Schlitterbahn today

  • camping

    Was that lady from the other video from the Russian on that's it I'm looking for my math I don't want nothing in my new lip gloss

  • A loud Blonde
    A loud Blonde

    Is it just me or does anybody else remember that the American flag is never supposed to touch the ground and that Karen just came swinging it and like I can understand the guy who was trying to take it away from her but like her just kind of like dragging it out on the ground like it's pretty widely known that the American flag is not supposed to touch the ground so that makes her seem even more crazy

  • Black heart 🖤
    Black heart 🖤

    Karen's be all up in y'all face and being the boss like they your parents they don't wear mask they gonna catch corona 😳😱🤮😷🤢🤕🥴😵🤧

  • - Boba Tea Queen -
    - Boba Tea Queen -

    Daren not a Karen 😉

  • Brian Reeves
    Brian Reeves

    Is it just me or is SSSniperWolf absolutely GORGEOUS?❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Pøx Møon
    Pøx Møon

    Karen: you're on the wrong side of the road! Me: well if you're thare then you are on the wrong side of the road too! ;)

  • Mr Pudovkin
    Mr Pudovkin

    In 2:38 the mail man and the "karen" were just doing a prank vid and in real life the karen is actually not a karen and is friends with the mail man. She even gives him packed lunches for the road. They are really close

  • Itz_quinn

    Proof that u don’t have to look like a Karen to be a Karen

  • Corbins fun
    Corbins fun


  • Rayne Dubouzet
    Rayne Dubouzet

    is it me or do i see the main demon from death note in the backround

  • Jackapple

    He wasted all those tacos I shall hunt I’m down

  • Tianalove2526 TiLaMaHe
    Tianalove2526 TiLaMaHe

    Isn’t that the girl that made the waiter quit

  • Kabithan

    if i worked at starbucks and a karen yelled at me I would just say (wow Karen maybe Santa will get me a dictionary on what you just said) and then dab on her/him

  • Liam S
    Liam S

    Somebody said Karen's act like kids I'm a kid I'm offended

  • livyshark and games
    livyshark and games

    Karen's be thinking they own the world because they exist

  • Eva Fox
    Eva Fox

    No one absolutely no one me and ss sniper wolf "Nothing like the sun shining, the birds chirping, and the Karens doing Kaos"

  • Sparky's Imagination
    Sparky's Imagination

    Parking spot Karen looked like she was about to bolt when he went in that glovebox, lololol.

  • The Skull
    The Skull

    You should make a series on every Monday you should make a KarenVideo

  • Rhiaine Mamangon
    Rhiaine Mamangon

    Imagine a Karen fighting another Karen for not wearing a mask

  • The Cameron
    The Cameron

    Karen’s be like GET OUT OF MY CAR it’s my car 🤣🤣🤣 haha

  • Logan 808x
    Logan 808x

    Karen’s are stupid. They act like little baby’s “ my boyfriends parking here you don’t own this plot of land I pay taxes”

    • Logan 808x
      Logan 808x

      The amount of wrinkles and IQ Karen’s have: 999,999,999-

  • Lesly Tirado
    Lesly Tirado

    The "Karen" that's telling the guy he isn't wearing a mask but he's wearing one just the pranking one is just doing it for cries they always do that

  • Katie Stolman
    Katie Stolman

    i love you sssniper wolf!

  • Sandra Siliezar
    Sandra Siliezar

    Ugh Karen’s disgustang

  • Jayden Combs
    Jayden Combs

    I got yelled at by a Karen because I was messing around on the electric scooters at a store

  • Jordan Diliberto
    Jordan Diliberto


  • McKenna Johnson
    McKenna Johnson

    4:58 Why is she complaining? This is the same dang Karen that wouldn't put on HER mask and actually got someone to quit because of it, YET she is telling this guy to put one on! This lady has got issues.

  • {·Weird Beans·}
    {·Weird Beans·}

    One time I was in the car and my family was out, and this dude saw me and put a sticky note on the back of our car saying, "You left a mammal in your car without even leaving the windows cracked? WTF?!" And then these ladies came up because they thought there was a dog, and they saw me and were like, "Oh! *waves nervously*" I was legit so scared-

  • Celia Estrella-Chavez
    Celia Estrella-Chavez

    Why do kerens exist

  • •flames•

    Dog: Oh hi lady^^ Lady : Aaa a AAAAAAAA

  • Kenny Charfen-Horvath
    Kenny Charfen-Horvath

    Ok listen it’s ok if you call me a ken for this, but if the lady is asking the guys to put his mask on if she thinks it’s off, to be safe, then is she really a Karen? Also. Not the Karen at 5:46 the one in the beginning.

  • Killer Bunni
    Killer Bunni

    2:14 I felt so bad for the daughter-


    0:50 just SMOOSH her with the door-

  • Kittens Fantasy World
    Kittens Fantasy World

    "If I have the flag, no one can speak except me!!"-Karen "If I'm backing out of a parking spot, I'm not on the wrong side of the road."-Kitten

  • RayLee Wolter
    RayLee Wolter

    10:27 that swing tho 🤣🤣🤣

  • Alphakid

    Sniper wolf: what a beautiful day to pick a fight Me: what a beautiful day to crack a neck

  • Freefonix1234

    Oh man you know they crazy when they come at you.. WITH A DAMN FLAG!

  • Miss Moon
    Miss Moon

    Dude she’s not being a Karen for ask for you to put you mask

  • wizzythe gamerX
    wizzythe gamerX

    the karens daughter is on tiktok! in a bad way

  • S Chan
    S Chan