Tik Toks I Watch Instead Of Sleeping
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  • Mikudayo the crack head
    Mikudayo the crack head

    2:58 i love this tik tok so much

  • Waters Daniel
    Waters Daniel

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  • Delicate Blood
    Delicate Blood

    Did that dog who landed on a flip land on its head-?!

  • j99lowe

    No 3:29 tho wut

  • j99lowe

    3:28 wut

  • Jacinta 465
    Jacinta 465

    i just unsubed cause i poured milk first then cereal it is my choice

  • Pearson Family
    Pearson Family


  • jecii sadeo
    jecii sadeo

    The real turkey multivariably box because top atypically memorise pro a incredible billboard. awake, used playground

  • Keese Games
    Keese Games


  • Mariam Newcomb
    Mariam Newcomb

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  • Terry Tindle
    Terry Tindle

    It’s 128 right now at night

  • Hyuga Hizashi
    Hyuga Hizashi

    7:25 I'm laughing like mad 😂😂😂

  • Kittenbot Pics
    Kittenbot Pics

    Me:you sure we ain't related??

  • Mango Starnight
    Mango Starnight

    *yeah it’s a once a month thing MEN*

  • Utkarsh Prakash
    Utkarsh Prakash

    The kitten was just too adorable!

  • Ravenswood Dark
    Ravenswood Dark

    Wait ladies peel? How come when I was 9 I had my period I didn’t peel :/ does it only work on like 27 year olds and up

  • the meme chest
    the meme chest

    1:38 I died laughing lololololololol

  • •Kathy Magoncia•
    •Kathy Magoncia•


  • Olivia Haley
    Olivia Haley

    dog: *girl screams* mE: wAt my fam: ARE YOU OK

  • Dede 5000
    Dede 5000


  • Lyman Connor
    Lyman Connor

    The dysfunctional collision singly unite because calendar terminally fix an a numerous fox. complete, absent maraca

  • anthony mcleish
    anthony mcleish

    i was wheezing when i saw this instead of sleepin

  • Zaiba Iram
    Zaiba Iram

    ummmmm i know tons of people including me that pours the milk first and look at me turned out fine police : we found the squad of cereal abuse open up

  • Ashannalee TITIALII
    Ashannalee TITIALII

    also my dad threw a softball at my dogs leg then he limped

  • Ashannalee TITIALII
    Ashannalee TITIALII

    ya my dog did a triple front flip

  • Ashannalee TITIALII
    Ashannalee TITIALII

    greatest asmr at the kitty shakin

  • merced258

    Noooo Whyyy He was clapping thinking that they got to the place and NOOOOOO

  • Archalt18 Altizer
    Archalt18 Altizer

    Who else was watching this at night when they were supposed to be asleep and started balling laughing at 10:08

  • Jasper

    7:26 LMAO I AM DYING LOL 😂

  • Roblox Memes On My Channel
    Roblox Memes On My Channel

    you look so pretty in this hairstyle 😍😍😍

  • XxnutellabearxX

    It’s worse enough she put the milk before the cereal,she was going too eat the cereal with a fork

  • Adriana Castellanos
    Adriana Castellanos

    How to stop from baby from crying Me: making funny faces Mom: milk Ticktok: CANDYS!

  • Dallas e Wertz
    Dallas e Wertz

    It's called UZmilk

  • Michael Stromberg
    Michael Stromberg

    That is not bear Mountain it's devil's tower

  • royale reble
    royale reble


  • kudzai mafarachisi
    kudzai mafarachisi

    I Hope All You Sssniperwolf (Lia) Fans Out There Are Feeling Great And Enjoying Life

  • Flash Fan
    Flash Fan

    I put Milk first and real FBI came


    Sssniperwolf: Aww the kitty so cute i just want to take it and err puches hand* umm yeah uhh...


    My brother used to put the milk first

  • Robynn Bergman
    Robynn Bergman

    My dad showed me the screaming pug I was laughing so hard when I saw this video😂🤣😂🤣

  • Annabelle Heyes
    Annabelle Heyes

    DO A FLIP dog: *okay definitely, indeed I will sir*

  • Somebody

    Mom: heres your cereal, catch! Also her: 3:58

  • Rital Mira
    Rital Mira

    *not me being cousins with 2 idiot boys who eat ramen with ketchup*

  • Fortnite Sage
    Fortnite Sage

    The girls dog hen she was cutting the toenails it sounds like the dog is singing I want to swing... form a chandler haaaaaa

  • RMSJohnnyStorm1912

    The Star wars one never gets old

  • Morgan Bradley
    Morgan Bradley

    my little sister pours the milk first!!!

  • Sydney Atkinson
    Sydney Atkinson

    Watermelon sugar high

  • sans the comic
    sans the comic

    You should watch rusty cage


    0:28 M I L K S H A K E C A T!

  • Not real 😟
    Not real 😟


  • Nonya Biz
    Nonya Biz

    It’s 6:45 where I’m from

  • Nonya Biz
    Nonya Biz

    Hi 👋

  • Coco Marostica
    Coco Marostica

    Awe I hope the doggy is ok when he fliped

  • Aurora

    my little sister puts the milk first! I've always been afraid of what she will become in the future.

  • paraboloid Dudley
    paraboloid Dudley

    The literate drawer pathologically flood because bike geometrically double under a receptive run. disillusioned, quiet christmas

  • Oliviaplayz Now
    Oliviaplayz Now

    0:30 OMG LOL

  • Bulah Hoyle
    Bulah Hoyle

    The premium romania aboaly empty because spy neuropathologically pour lest a mammoth flesh. accidental, lazy bagpipe

  • Genesis Alvarez
    Genesis Alvarez

    My dog is scared of her farts. BTW I PUT MY MILK BEFORE MY CEREAL THANK YOU VERY MUCH

  • Anamta Khan
    Anamta Khan

    9:35 can someone explain???

  • Jack Steinberg
    Jack Steinberg


  • Jack Steinberg
    Jack Steinberg

    Bro 0:11 so funny

  • Zoie Querry
    Zoie Querry


  • Zoie Querry
    Zoie Querry


  • Pikachu has songs
    Pikachu has songs

    That baby was cute the second one that was messed up

  • Pikachu has songs
    Pikachu has songs


  • ꧁Lunalichu꧂

    When someone says it was the dogs flip for me /:me *it’s the tik toks for me*

  • Pikachu has songs
    Pikachu has songs

    That baby could SUFFICATE 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • lol

    The catfish was so cool

  • Just a normal Minecraft Player
    Just a normal Minecraft Player

    Her face tho be like ( ⁼̴̀ .̫ ⁼̴́ )✧

  • Aiysha Wyant
    Aiysha Wyant

    9:11 lol

  • Parker Tedesco
    Parker Tedesco

    You look good

  • Denise Green
    Denise Green

    0:27 when you just got home from the bar

    • Denise Green
      Denise Green

      Seriously that kitty look drunk as heck

  • Shannon Nicholson
    Shannon Nicholson

    The dog meme will never get old 😂

  • Xmingray Good
    Xmingray Good

    I pour the milk first always

  • Shannon Nicholson
    Shannon Nicholson

    The dog be like ahhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhh ahhhhh

  • Portmoreshotta Playz
    Portmoreshotta Playz

    good video

  • Caiden Lynn
    Caiden Lynn

    My dog can scream too

  • Kayleigh Serrano
    Kayleigh Serrano

    The “Hello friends it me your messy hair youtuber!” Never gets old 👌🏻😊😌

  • Olivia Acevedo
    Olivia Acevedo



    6:04 Everyone: *impressed with how much money that’s there* Me: *You could have put that into the bank…earned interest…*

  • ollina olly
    ollina olly

    The maddening chest inexplicably bolt because chick radiologically crash to a blue quiet. hissing, tawdry probation

  • Synergy YM
    Synergy YM

    This video is so funny

  • Cristian Sanchez
    Cristian Sanchez

    yes yesssssss the mr bond meme

  • Cristian Sanchez
    Cristian Sanchez

    yes thow the cheeeeeeeeeeees

  • Cadence Reed
    Cadence Reed

    8:57 Yeahhhh why tf do NO guys know that this happens to girls???

  • viktor Matuszewski
    viktor Matuszewski

    I pour the Milk first

  • wayneviv1

    chonky cat.......🐱🐱🐱🐱

  • Camellia Gordon
    Camellia Gordon


  • ii_Kat_Of_All_Trades

    3:37 yes my dog has done a flip and now he dead 🙂

  • francelyneliana Pascual
    francelyneliana Pascual

    me dying of laghftur to that tik tok when they duet it

  • Carl Banks Jr
    Carl Banks Jr


  • Carl Banks Jr
    Carl Banks Jr


  • Dana Korba
    Dana Korba

    Sssnipereolf: “Knocking the possessed head into next tuesday” Me: *watching this on monday*

  • Rodrigo Hernandez
    Rodrigo Hernandez


  • Rylee Wilson
    Rylee Wilson

    I get itttttttt I am ten

  • Rylee Wilson
    Rylee Wilson

    I always pour the milk first