Teacher Accuses Student Of Doing Drugs At School
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  • Earthy

    I realize teacher only teach what they know but don't teach XYBC= & Mc2 = E

  • Sophie Gill
    Sophie Gill

    But does no one realize that the teacher has 2 coloured eyes

  • Umaiza Rahman
    Umaiza Rahman

    The teachers name is mrs Karen because she is a Karen

  • Laney Tinlin
    Laney Tinlin

    That teacher a big Karen never judge a book by is cover MRS. KAREN

  • eduard unterfingher
    eduard unterfingher

    Miss Karen is literally a karen

  • eduard unterfingher
    eduard unterfingher

    U right

  • Rubix Jack
    Rubix Jack

    I actually watched this on dhar mans channel

  • Marybelle Arispe
    Marybelle Arispe

    I think this teacher is just making him have the worst life sometime his eyes can actually cause him doing something else than drugs

  • Thiago Borges
    Thiago Borges

    Drugs are so bad

  • Zack Collins
    Zack Collins

    I remembered you being in one of those videos

  • opkiller 123
    opkiller 123

    J88ikò the

  • Dr Shabbir Usmani
    Dr Shabbir Usmani


  • Nikki Marshall
    Nikki Marshall


  • Zodiculous

    i love how the teachers name is miss karen and she got the karen cut

  • Sor Eang
    Sor Eang

    😲 😱 😲

  • Lvussheee

    Her eyes are two colors if ya don’t konw

  • Lvussheee

    It was the litte boy sir kindness

  • Christi Goldsberry
    Christi Goldsberry

    She is a terran

  • everard boi
    everard boi

    Hmm hi🙂

  • Royale Stella
    Royale Stella

    “Miss Karen”. 🤪😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🙂😇🙂😇😇😂😂🤣😂🤣😂 OML

  • Holly Morawiec
    Holly Morawiec

    No or yes can you please give me a pet in adopt

  • Isabella Murphy
    Isabella Murphy

    Bruh she went from no homework to drugs like what!!😂😂😂👌🏻😱🥴🥴🥴🤬🤬🤬😡🥵🥵🥵

  • Isabella Murphy
    Isabella Murphy

    Marcus is sus right now

  • rezadknth

    Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi

  • next level Savoy
    next level Savoy

    it was Adam not marcus because I love your videos and I think dhar man should do another video

  • Wide Cayde-6
    Wide Cayde-6

    Miss Karen: I’m sorry but your son has been doing drugs Marcus mum: SIKE

  • Wide Cayde-6
    Wide Cayde-6

    F for the kid FFF

  • Hieu Dang
    Hieu Dang

    I just realized. The kid who gave her the apple was named Adam... “Adam’s Apple.”

  • Glyphツ

    I now see my her last name is Karen😂

  • Fire_Fozwolf gamer Ziell
    Fire_Fozwolf gamer Ziell

    Can someone teach me how to not cry because im crying 😭😭😭

  • Dwayne Del Rosario
    Dwayne Del Rosario


  • T.S Editx
    T.S Editx

    I have. Seen. This before. It. Is Adam

  • Myumi Spencer
    Myumi Spencer

    Hi there i like you

  • Jessica Trujillo
    Jessica Trujillo

    Does anybody notice that if he forgot his homework how did he not forget the apple🤔

  • icecreampaintdoll plays
    icecreampaintdoll plays

    That actually looks like a woman my aunt because she's a Karen 😎😎


    Those drug were probably those capsules that u put in water then they turn to little sponge thingy

  • giraa lupoo
    giraa lupoo

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  • Alice Anning
    Alice Anning

    Her name is MISS KAREN!! That’s how you know it’s a true Karen

  • Eunice Mwebaza
    Eunice Mwebaza

    After the storie she still didn't believe him

  • Lizzy Patel
    Lizzy Patel

    Of course the teachers name was Mrs. Karen it’s always the Karen. I’m surprised she didn’t ask for Marcus‘s manager. If I where him I’d be like hi Mrs. Karen I see your not wearing your dog tags today are you microchipped??

  • Jackson Moul
    Jackson Moul

    I feel bad for Marcus

  • pulou fifue
    pulou fifue

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  • Henry Franzen
    Henry Franzen

    She’s a Karen

  • noah Rocco
    noah Rocco

    Hi lawsuit I'm school

  • Maddi Somers
    Maddi Somers


  • Aidan Velez
    Aidan Velez

    Student:”D R U G S” Teacher:”S U S” Principal:”D U M B” Teacher:”BLACK IS SUS” Student:”SUS” Principal:”D U M B” Mom:”SHUT UP” Everyone:” *sigh* “

  • Sean Mates
    Sean Mates

    That person has no drugs the blue shrit guy have durgs

  • Foxy Time
    Foxy Time

    Lol no wonder her name is karen

  • Graham Aly
    Graham Aly

    in the video the teacher has one brown and one blue eye

  • ALT Apexツ
    ALT Apexツ

    Notice how here name is Mrs. Karen 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • J gaming
    J gaming

    When z impostor is sus

  • Bernice Lee Pow
    Bernice Lee Pow

    I literally laughed so hard when that one kid said her name was Karen

  • •iiEden•

    You can’t accuse someone of doing drugs when they didn’t hand in their homework. You do not know what’s going on at home. You let the other guy (Ayden who is rlly nice btw and I am not sending hate this is my opinion of the acting) not bring in his homework. Just because he got you an apple? Never judge someone until you get to know them or know what’s going on at home. The fact he’s apologising so many times. I am really disappointed in the teacher. At one point I thought she felt guilty but when I continued to watch I was so annoyed!!! Omggg!!!

  • J gaming
    J gaming


  • sebastien verbist
    sebastien verbist

    I am I nerd

  • Cherry tree
    Cherry tree

    Teacher has short hair her name's karen and u know what a Karen is

  • Lupilucas

    Wait miss Karen

  • Lupilucas

    Teacher: good morning class . Me: she is going to say ‘’good morning class remember my name is miss Karen’’

  • Nesrin Sevi
    Nesrin Sevi

    ive watched this before

  • Tameka Fields
    Tameka Fields

    The girl nwme is Karen like why would she be mean

  • Its Alisa
    Its Alisa

    Xx x. X x x

  • Mason Isbell
    Mason Isbell

    Hi sniper wolf I am a big huge fan I watch you every single day all day the only times I don’t watch you is when my mom tells me it’s dinner lunch or breakfast time or I have to do chores

  • Shadow Ryan
    Shadow Ryan

    Good video

  • aSourCookie

    obviously that thing they think is drugs it’s candy

  • Dan Elias - Roblox
    Dan Elias - Roblox

    um…”adam”…”apple”…the adam’s apple on guys’s throat

  • Sherene Whyte
    Sherene Whyte


  • Courtney Moore
    Courtney Moore

    I love you sniper wolf you’re the best UZmilkr

  • Bluefozzy


  • Adele Vaughan
    Adele Vaughan

    Did anyone else think Adams apple 🍎

  • Grey fox
    Grey fox

    Didn’t turn in homework Red eyes Sleeping in class Hood Sunglasses Hard time concentrating Didn’t get a lot of sleep Devils lettuce muncher

  • xblMakinley dallas
    xblMakinley dallas

    Marcus is not doin drugs is eyes red because his dad left home and his mother so he stayed up all night crying in that's why he did not finish his homework

  • xblMakinley dallas
    xblMakinley dallas

    It is adam

  • hard crescent 💟🦋
    hard crescent 💟🦋

    That's why he's crying 😭

  • Kaka Rakha Faiz
    Kaka Rakha Faiz

    Black looking sus but they arent the impost v_v

  • Jake Keats
    Jake Keats

    I love the janitor♥️♥️

  • Jake Keats
    Jake Keats

    I feel a bit bad😭😭😭😭

  • Jake Keats
    Jake Keats


  • Michael Norkett
    Michael Norkett

    Miss Karen shut up

  • Elodie Pett
    Elodie Pett

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  • Michael Norkett
    Michael Norkett


  • Michael Norkett
    Michael Norkett

    Oh yeah when bendy was new the good ole’ 1920s

  • Michael Norkett
    Michael Norkett

    Oof lol so true she always sat that

  • Megan Smith
    Megan Smith

    It is the dude in the green t-shirt and you should never accuse someone who's black of doing something they didn't do you have to let them explain so never accuse someone of doing something they probably didn't do

  • pritam das
    pritam das

    Joke:the teacher agreed to Adam's Apple

  • Mason Potaczek
    Mason Potaczek

    I new that it was not Marcus

  • MR stormskiller4
    MR stormskiller4


  • ioan iurcic
    ioan iurcic

    Marcus=X man

  • Kathryn Van Diemen
    Kathryn Van Diemen

    I love your video’s so much

  • Leah Colon
    Leah Colon

    i love you ssniperwolf you are sooooo cool

  • Stick Zi PG3D
    Stick Zi PG3D


  • Cookie_plays 101
    Cookie_plays 101

    The teacher is probably named miss Karen cuz she's a Karen

  • Clay Hall7
    Clay Hall7

    I was fixing to cry

  • Clay Hall7
    Clay Hall7

    The won who was drugs is the won with the green shirt

  • Eclipse Shadow
    Eclipse Shadow

    But there not drugs there just dinosaurs in capsules that grow in water

  • kai kai
    kai kai

    Weyt that woman with long red hair was on tiktok daayyumm

  • Carol

    Why does the teacher have a blue eye and a orange eye she’s weird

  • Sakhi Patni
    Sakhi Patni

    lol she said bhaka in the first 30 seconds

  • Rylee McDaniel
    Rylee McDaniel

    I knew it was the Adam kid because NO ONE gives the teacher an apple and acts the way he did! Marcus deserved better and who knew what he was going through? Very good story but a bit obvious on the culprit.

  • Pam Waterman
    Pam Waterman

    Play the video